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The best things in life aren’t always free. Just ask a struggling mobile developer.

July 14, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Advertising, Developers, Mobile, Monetization
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These days, for every inspiring story that I hear about a mobile independent software vendor (ISV) / developer that’s “raking in loads of cash” through Apples’ App store, I hear a handful of stories from mobile ISVs that are trying to dig themselves out of the red.  While the press is focused on the “iPhone […]

Zoompass Launches in Canada & Creates Common Standard for Mobile Money Transfers

July 1, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Monetization
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EnStream LP (a mobile commerce joint venture owned by three of Canada’s three largest mobile operators – Bell Canada, Rogers and TELUS) recently launched Zoompass, Canada’s first wide-reaching mobile payment service.  With it, Canadians can securely request money from friends, solicit money for joint gifts, pay for goods and services and more – all from […]

Top US Charities Leading the Pack in Social Media Usage

June 25, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Research, Social Media
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The University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research recently completed a longitudinal study on how Forbes Magazine’s list of the US’s 200 largest charities used social media in 2007 (their first year studying the topic) vs 2008.  The charities interviewed include well known names like Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Catholic Charities USA, […]

How to hire a great consultant in a bad economy… Buyer beware!

May 4, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Enterprise
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In a deflated economy, the number of people calling themselves “consultants” is on the rise.  Plenty of job seekers are “consulting” while trying to find a full-time, “permanent” role.  Taking on an interim consulting project is a good option if you’re trying to pay the bills while looking for full-time jobs, but consulting isn’t for […]

Social shouldn’t be scary. 5 ways to combat excuses and conquer fears.

April 22, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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Do you shutter at the mention of the word “Twitter”?  Have the words “My Face” or “Spacebook” ever crossed your mind or (gasp) lips?  Do you know someone who falls in one of the above (or similar) categories?  Take a deep breath.  You’re not alone…  There are tons of good people out there who “just […]

Is FIM’s launch of Twitgoo the beginning of the end for Twitpic?

April 15, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Developers, Review, Social Media
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Fox Interactive Media (FIM) recently soft launched Twitgoo, a new media hosting site that makes it easy to post text, images, and video to Twitter. Twitgoo was incubated inside of Photobucket, and unlike many of it’s competitors, it was built to scale, leveraging the same core infrastructure as Photobucket and Tinypic (which process more than […]

Earn free minutes for pre-paid mobile phones on Facebook with Embee Mobile.

April 14, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Advertising, Developers, Financing, Mobile, Monetization, Social Media
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If you’re a Facebook user in the US with a pre-paid mobile phone, there’s a new app called “Embee Mobile Minute Wallet” that can help you earn, buy, redeem, share, and manage top-up minutes – all through Facebook. 

Why Twitter when you can Flutter… Or Shutter?

April 6, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized
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With so many people now talking about Twitter, it’s about time someone came up with a great parody.  Enter Flutter – a 26 character “nano blogging service”.  This viral video is too good to pass up – especially on a slow news morning on the first Monday after CTIA.

Test Driving the Nokia E71, E74, N97 and “Nokia Messaging” Application

April 1, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Review, Social Media
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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to test drive three of Nokia’s latest mobile phones: E71, E75, and N97 and see the latest “Nokia Messaging” app in action.

SocializeMobilize.com: A blog about social media, mobile, and more.

March 30, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Developers, Enterprise, Events, Mobile, Review, Social Media
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Today, I’m excited to launch SocializeMobilize.com.  On it, I’ll be publishing articles about social media, web 2.0, mobile, and mobile and web convergence.  You’ll also find all of the legacy content from my former blog, socialmedia.vox.com, which I started in 2006.  Under “services” tab, you’ll find more information about me and the consulting practice I’ve […]



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