Earn free minutes for pre-paid mobile phones on Facebook with Embee Mobile.

April 14, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Advertising, Developers, Financing, Mobile, Monetization, Social Media

If you’re a Facebook user in the US with a pre-paid mobile phone, there’s a new app called “Embee Mobile Minute Wallet” that can help you earn, buy, redeem, share, and manage top-up minutes – all through Facebook.  The idea is simple – sign up for the app on Facebook, enter your mobile number, tell Embee which carrier you’re with, and you’ll receive a text message validating your account.  From there, you can manage your minutes on Facebook.

You can try it for free and get 25 free mintutes of top-up time by filling out a quick survey within the app on Facebook about which Embee features you’d find most appealing.  Inside the Embee Mobile Minute Wallet Facebook app, you can:

  • Buy minutes using: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, “Spare Change” or “Pay by Mobile”
  • Earn free minutes by taking quizzes, filling out surveys, etc. (sounds very similar to Peanut Labs‘ approach)

Embee is based in San Francisco, California.  The Embee Mobile Minute Wallet is available for a wide number of pre-paid mobile users, and is apparently coming to more soon.

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  • Jacki Hamilton

    did NOT receive minutes

  • Thank you for kindly mentioning us, Lisa.

    For anyone who may be curious — you can sign up a Guest User or a Member User.

    If you're already a prepaid mobile phone user, and ready to get “real” free minutes for your phone — sign up as a Member User.

    As a Member User, you take full advantage of all the features Lisa talks about. You can really top-up your phone — for free — by participating in offers & surveys in Facebook.

    But if you are not sure yet — or, perhaps you're considering switching from postpaid to prepaid, and just want to see what its like — try signing up as a Guest User.

    As a Guest User, we'll give you some “pretend” minutes so you can explore the site, and you can even do a practice top-up. (Naturally, a practice top-up with pretend minutes won't really top-up your phone — the carries don't let us do that quite yet 🙂

    For those with iPhones/Smartphones —

    We have already gotten several comments from people who are interested in prepaid, but not sure how it would work — this is a great way to try it out, see if its something you would want to do.

    Let us know what you think. We want to make this service better.

    Russell T.
    CEO, Embee Mobile, Inc.

  • Amber

    I got my minutes in like 3 days.. It didn;t take long at all.. I am not lying but the phonelagoon thing DOES NOT WORK.. well it might, but it takes way too ling to get enough points for minutes.. EMBEE does have a few errors though.. that is the only bas thing about them and it bites..

  • mmorales662

    I tried phone lagoon, didn't make it pass the logon page. I hope this will be a very interesting experience judging by the comments. I really would like to have additional minutes for free on my cell.

  • david

    phone lagoon is full of shit with there sine up. are u guys 2?

  • dayzha

    its true ive gott'n already 30 minutes already

  • Rodjeleza


  • GEEBboy1

     This company is a COMPLETE scam.  DO NOT USE Credit Card or other means to buy minutes.  You will never get them  

  • Joc_bunny

    What if you in Canada

  • sdasd

    this doesnt work anymore this is stupid.



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