Building Developer Ecosystems

no-ties-2As millions of consumers demonstrate their increasing thirst for mobile-application-based services, the demand for mobile developers and fresh content is growing.  Mobile OEMs, operators, platform vendors, development tool companies, marketing/pr agencies and others are all struggling to grab the attention of the world’s best mobile developers and establish their own loyal and productive developer community.  Building a world-class mobile developer community isn’t easy, but Socialize Mobilize has years of experience doing it, including:

  • Developing and implementing a developer relations strategy to recruit, retain, and engage mobile and/or web developers.
  • Getting developers to generate apps in advance of new product launches (i.e. get developers to create apps for your platform to help generate usage of the platform).
  • Organizing developer conferences and professional networking events (‘speed dating’, meet-ups, tweet-ups, informal dinners, and more).
  • Launching developer contests.
  • Building and training developer relations teams.
  • Determining how to evaluate and compare developers across your ecosystem, prioritizing developer relationships (for OEMs, Operators, etc.) and finding effective ways to measure ROI.
  • Evaluating Partner Relationship Management (PRM / CRM) systems: Develop requirements and supervise implementation.

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