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Live Tweeting from Under the Radar

November 20, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized
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I attended Under the Radar conference yesterday, and it was a great event. I got some good feedback on my tweets, so I thought I’d recap them here (for those of you who don’t use Twitter), as I did for the Verizon Developer Conference back in July: The events kicked off with a reception on […]

Incorporating Social Media into your Mobile App (with pictures)

October 21, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Developers, Mobile, Social Media
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Today, I did a MOTODEV podcast with Randy Ksar of Motorola: “Social Media Marketing for Mobile Developers Part II”. The podcast addressed mobile developers and focused on the benefits of incorporating social media into mobile applications. You can see the social dialogue surrounding the podcast on gsnap and listen to the podcast below: Here’s the […]

2 Critical Ways to Improve Social Media Monitoring Tools

July 23, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Developers, Mobile, Monetization, Social Media
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of social media monitoring tools in brand and marketing campaign management.  Having now demoed a number of social media monitoring solutions, I’ve realized that while there are a lot of great tools out there, there is still a lot of opportunity for product improvement – especially […]

My Voting Guide for The Europas (TechCrunch’s European Awards)

June 30, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Contest, Mobile, Review, Social Media
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TechCrunch recently announced the nominees for The Europas, the awards ceremony celebrating technology innovation in European companies, to be held in London on July 9th.  I was excited to learn that one of my clients, ShoZu, was nominated for the Best Mobile Application in EMEA (shameless plug: you can vote for them in this category […]

Twitter: Tips for Beginners & Twitter Apps to Try

March 4, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media
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A while back, I posted 5 Great Reasons to Twitter.  As Twitter continues to pick up steam (it’s seen especially rapid growth since December), I thought it would be helpful to provide some hints/tips for those who are just getting started with Twitter. Figuring out who to follow: When you’re new to Twitter, it’s tough […]

My Mobile and Social Media Predictions for 2009 into 2010

January 7, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media
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Here are a handful of my predictions for mobile and social media in 2009, moving into 2010… For the record, I’ve left off everything I know will happen in 2009 and limited this list to things I *think* will happen: Smartphones and feature phones will continue to converge in iPhone-esque fashion. Mobile Internet will drive […]

You Can Now Follow ShoZu on Twitter

June 26, 2008 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Mobile, Social Media
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If you’re a fan of ShoZu, in addition to keeping up with the ShoZu blog, you can now follow ShoZu on Twitter (when Twitter is working!).  ShoZu is sending out regular updates at: www.twitter.com/shozu.  Be one of the first to find out when new destinations are added, how famous people are using ShoZu, what new […]

Social Media Club SF Event Recap… It’s Web 2.0 Expo this Week!

April 21, 2008 by Lisa Oshima | Events, Social Media
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Last night, I went to the San Francisco chapter Social Media Club event featuring the authors of Now Is Gone, Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis.  It was a great event – pizza, beer, interesting conversation… What more could a fan of social media ask for? A couple of topics of conversations sparked my interest… For […]

Demo of ShoZu 4.0 on the BBC & What I Like About ShoZu’s Mobile Ads

March 5, 2008 by Lisa Oshima | Advertising, Consulting, Mobile, Social Media
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Jen Grenz, who leads marketing for one of my clients, ShoZu, recently showed ShoZu’s re-vamped mobile application to the BBC.  Check out the video. ShoZu 4.0, is much more robust than previous versions.  It allows you to update your status on various social networking sites from your phone, reply to comments (and read friend’s comments) […]

Mobile and Social Convergence Predictions for 2008 & Beyond

February 21, 2008 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media
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Last year, I wrote a post with predictions for mobile in 2007 and beyond, using inCode’s  “Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2007” as a starting point.  We’re almost 2 months into 2008, and it’s the perfect time to re-visit those predictions to see what came true, and make a few more predictions for 2008 […]



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