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March 30, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Developers, Enterprise, Events, Mobile, Review, Social Media

Today, I’m excited to launch  On it, I’ll be publishing articles about social media, web 2.0, mobile, and mobile and web convergence.  You’ll also find all of the legacy content from my former blog,, which I started in 2006.  Under “services” tab, you’ll find more information about me and the consulting practice I’ve been running since 2003.

Why did I start a new blog when I already had one?

In 2006, I started a blog about social media and mobile on Vox, a community powered, free blogging platform run by SixApart.  I originally started blogging as an online experiment, prompted by conversations I had with colleagues at SplashData, who I met while consulting at Palm, Inc.  SplashData made a mobile blogging platform that was acquired by SixApart, and they encouraged me to try Vox, which had just launched.  Interested in the socialization of the web, and curious about blogging, I used Vox as a way to express my thoughts and start conversations about web 2.0 and, occasionally, mobile convergence.

I experimented a bit with other free blogging platforms like early on, and at the time, they weren’t nearly as easy to use as Vox.  As I grew to enjoy blogging and started reading more about the features of other blogging platforms, I contemplated moving away from Vox to a more feature rich platform with:

  • analytics so that I could see how many people were reading my blog, determine which posts had the most views, etc.
  • interactive social features that would enable readers to easily share my posts via their favorite social networks
  • universal commenting so that anyone – even those outside the Vox community could comment
  • search facilities that would allow me to search not only for tags but also for specific text in posts
  • etc.

Unfortunately, there was no clear upgrade path from Vox to a more robust platform.  I held onto Vox for a long time having heard rumors of an upgrade path to TypePad, but when it didn’t materialize, I decided to leave.  After talking to a variety of consultants, bloggers and reading a lot of reviews, I embarked on the process of migrating to WordPress.  I learned the hard way that once you’re on Vox, moving is a difficult and largely manual process.  I hired a great WordPress consultant (Kim Woodbridge at AntiSocial Development), who helped me implement a semi-custom theme based on one I purchased from Woo Themes).  And, for the last several weeks, over hours of evening television, I painstakingly and manually copied the hundreds of posts I originally had on Vox to this new website.

If you’re out there shaking your head at me and mumbling, “I could have quickly written you a script to do that”… Rest assured, I talked to a ton of consultants, and the only one that said he could write a script to migrate all of my posts (not just the first 10 posts or excerpts of all of my posts) provided me with a bid that made McKinsey & Co. look cheap.  (Note- If you still think you can write a script like this easily, go for it!  I bet there’s a lucrative business opportunity in migrating power Vox users to other blogging platforms.)

I’m excited about SocializeMobilize, not only because I now have analytics, interactive social features, robust commenting, and search capabilities but also because I’ve merged my blog with new information about my business development, strategy, and marketing consulting practice and clients.

I hope that you’ll find this site easy to navigate.  If not, let me know. I’d love your feedback.

Blog Features:

SocializeMobilize is written in WordPress (, using a semi-customized Woo Theme.  It’s also readable through your mobile browser at the same URL and via RSS (by clicking the RSS icon in the right banner).

Here’s what you’ll find as you navigate the site:

  • About: My bio
  • Services: Information about my consulting business
    • Consulting Services: What I do for clients and how I can help you.
    • Clients: A list of my past and current clients.
    • Recommendations: Hear directly from my clients.
    • Events: This is my public calendar streamed from Google. In it, you’ll find events I’m attending.
  • Contact: You can contact me via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook or email using the icons in the right banner, or use the contact form on this page.

For those of you who are into technical details, SocializeMobilize uses the following plugins:

What’s next?

Tomorrow, I’m going to Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, and Wednesday, I’m off to CTIA in Vegas. I’ll be live tweeting and writing about interesting things I find at both shows.  Stay tuned.

If you’ve got interesting mobile or social media products you’d like me to review, upcoming social media or mobile news, or other ideas for posts, please ping me.

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  • Lisa: Great that you have your own domain.

    I would suggest looking at the following plugins:

    Broken Link Checker
    Subscribe to Comments
    WordPress Without Borders
    WP Super Cache

  • Thanks, Eric. I'll check them out!

  • mbarsot

    congratulations and good luck!

    Ant btw your post reminds me of a discussion I had in the past about the non-existing possibility to “SAVE” the vox posts.

    I mean, not “migrating away”, but just “save locally my own stuff”.

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