Mobile User Acquisition

  • Need help developing and executing an effective mobile marketing / mobile user acquisition strategy?
  • Having trouble managing your mobile ad spend and proving ROI?
  • Want to create intensely viral social marketing campaigns that leverage mobile and social apps and websites, blogs, and critical influencers to drive user acquisition, ignite brand awareness and increase usage of your product(s)?
  • Need help finding the right mobile marketing  and distribution partners and proving ROI?
  • Want to find out what your competitors and allies are doing to succeed in user acquisition / marketing / advertising campaigns?
  • Need help understanding the competitive landscape for your product and how to stand out from the crowd?
  • Struggle to find the right words to generate excitement for your product?
  • Want to understand how social media and mobile marketing  can help (or hurt) your go-to-market strategy?
  • Want to make your website and/or mobile application sticky/ viral / social and optimize your conversion funnel?
  • Know which metrics matter most and what to test to gauge social marketing success?

Socialize Mobilize can help.

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