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August 20, 2012 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

  • We’re offering 150 Tweeps a 33% discount on Mobile 2.0 on 9/11. Enter the code “friend” at registration by 8/25: http://t.co/lwg2wfks #
  • Google to lay off 4,000 Motorola Mobility employees: http://t.co/dcBVQAbr #
  • IM company, IMO adds voice to iOS app: http://t.co/bknfhGPY I’m surprised more devs don’t add voice 2 apps since it’s so easy w/ @telesocial #
  • Great 2c @airbnb doing well. http://t.co/moPIFk74 I wonder how @homeaway compares. I’ve had good results 4 my SF apt: http://t.co/9JzQbXU3 #
  • .@michaelpsilva Nuance & Zypr deliver AI & voice recognition but @Telesocial & @twilio deliver voice to voice telephony APIs. in reply to michaelpsilva #
  • Samsung Ventures leads $20M round in Raydiance, dev of laser precision solutions to make mobile devices smaller:
    http://t.co/cx6t11qk #
  • Gr8 article mentioning my client @Onavo: Mobile shoppers compare prices most on Sat, buy most on Sun, Mon http://t.co/yIJzumKO #
  • Free report from @Onavo & @IDC: “Pricing and Retail Mobile Apps US Comparative Analysis for June-July 2012” http://t.co/WWJdZIPW #
  • “Facebook Says It Now Has 235M Monthly Gamers, App Center Hits 150M Monthly Visitors” via @techcrunch http://t.co/osbzsIc7 #
  • Google updates search algorithm to improve copyright protection, downgrades results reported as infringing copyright http://t.co/nHq7e4Kn #
  • Coalfire’s latest survey shows “The problem with BYOD: We all suck at mobile security” http://t.co/fVE0oNyf #
  • Groovideo Launches mobile app that makes it easy to create group videos…I like these guys from the latest class of @…http://t.co/yOKULzC5 #
  • Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, & Nexus Q: I know the difference between these devices but find the naming convention confusing. Who’s with me? #
  • Wow! CSR Racing (Free game by NaturalMotion) grosses more than $12 million/ month ($9 million net after Apple fees): http://t.co/vGiAWvaH #
  • In other news, GREE’s 2012 fiscal yr net profit was 47.9 billion yen ($607.8 million): http://t.co/LizukeJ4 #
  • There are reasons to publish real books & tablet experiences for children’s stories, but are any publishers doing both print & mobile well? #
  • Cont: A prospective client told me that print publishers of kids books are still afraid of mobile. A limiting (and yet predictable) mindset. #
  • Have you signed up for Mobile 2.0 September 11, 2012? http://t.co/G0ey2You #
  • Just stumbled across this 2011 article of the most influential tech investors in Europe. An oldie but a good read: http://t.co/CJJn6qwc #
  • “Google Files New Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Seeks To Block iPhone, iPad, Mac Imports to the US” from @techcrunch http://t.co/dtktMBFr #
  • I wonder if/when HP’s lawyers will try to get in on all of this mobile IP infringement court action given all of Palm’s old smartphone IP… #
  • Great article from our east bay mobile tech linked in group: VC firm is luring start-ups to the East Bay area: https://t.co/VxSHOu1G #
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