Tech Blogging: Speed vs. Substance

July 2, 2012 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Events, Mobile, Social Media, Uncategorized

When I started writing this blog in 2006, few bloggers were talking about social media, and even fewer were talking about mobile.  Today, that’s all changed.  Convergence is at hand, and it’s even more spectacular than many could have imagined.  Everything becoming more social and mobile, and the speed at which information moves is intense.

Things are moving so quickly that the focus of many tech blogs has shifted from substance to speed. These days, there’s not much point in trying to be the first blogger to publish tech news.  Information is moving so quickly that by the time tech ‘news’ hits most blogs, it’s usually already been reported to death. That’s why today, more than ever, I think the most interesting blogs do more than summarize the news, they analyze it.

Last week while I was at Google I/O, I saw this Tweet from Paul Carr:

I chuckled as I read Paul’s tweet.  It’s a good question – particularly during a conference where so many reporters were all blogging the same facts at the same time, with little to no analysis behind their posts.

Minutes after I read Paul’s tweet (day two of the show), one of my colleagues teased me for being at Google I/O on a press pass without blogging about the news immediately.  Why wasn’t I blogging during I/O?  The short answer is that the big tech outlets are guaranteed to publish the facts faster than I am.  I’d rather tweet the news that I find interesting in real-time and save writing a blog post until I’ve analysed the news and have something to say about it.  I’m thinking a lot about what happened at I/O and will write about it… soon.

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