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June 4, 2012 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

  • Lisa Whelan is now Lisa Oshima! | Socialize Mobilize http://t.co/SIb4hoku #
  • I’m in #sf at the @yetizen event. #mobile #gaming #games #mobilegames #
  • Spyra up now at @yetizen demo night. They make strategy games for adult male midcore market. Founding team seems 2 have impressive pedigree. #
  • Spyra co-founder says, “We’ve realized time is our biggest enemy right now.” #startup #yetizen #
  • Now up at t@yetizen demo night: Casualing, focused on social betting games…a community for player v player. #mobile #mobilegames #gaming #
  • Casualing plans 2 create a mobile community network on @GetJar, @papaya, @playhaven, @att, @mobage, and more & launch sdk 4 3rd party games. #
  • Kostas from Casualing: cost of user acquisition 4 mobile betting apps is around $45-50 vs. Mobile social games which is at $1.50 #yetizen #
  • Simon, the ceo & cofounder of Frenzoo is up to demo their 3D mobile games for women. #yetizen #mobile #mobilegames #
  • Simon from @frenzoo says women shop on average 90 times a year… surprises me. I’d have thought it’d be more! #
  • Wow- some pretty impressive stats from @frenzoo‘s game Style Me Girl on ios and android. #yetizen #
  • Emota is pitching now @yetizen. They’re focusing on the 70 million grandparents market in the US. #
  • OKeez is on stage @yetizen. They are working on tablet powered controllers for MMO gamers. Finally, the death of the conventional keyboard! #
  • Sameer from RivalMe is up now @yetizen. They liken themselves to ‘words with friends’ or ‘drawsomething’ but with trivia. #
  • @tedmorgan @JoseValles49 @rsutt80 @jonziskind @kylebarrow @sdelbecque @mrscribble @jeffross @jgallo02 Thank you! Very excited. 🙂 #
  • @gamerhero @davidoakley @wattersjames Thank you guys! 🙂 #
  • @DinKyDK You now at boardreader? If so, congrats on your new gig! in reply to DinKyDK #
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