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July 4, 2011 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

  • @ekuhner Congrats! What's your new opportunity at @HTC? #
  • Excited to see the positive changes to #zeewe beta. Check out zeewe.com from your iPhone or Android & send your feedback to @Movile. #
  • Ping me if you're developing #html5 mobile web apps and want free distribution. @Movile is looking for new content for #zeewe #
  • @indigenx Thanks for your note. If you're interested in putting your app on #zeewe please visit: http://t.co/Yejwufc #
  • Ping me if you're looking for a fantastic VP of Mobile and/or Web Business Development. I know someone great. #in #
  • Nielsen says iphone growth is driving the smartphone market in the US, Android is flat over last 3 months in the US: http://t.co/ArG41Nl #
  • Anyone else having trouble with #GoogleDocs I've not been able to open my documents all weekend. #google #
  • @highmountain not that I know of. #
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