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October 25, 2010 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

  • Brace yourself and leave early if you’re going to SFO this am. The line is longest ever- about 1/4+ mile long at domestic security- no joke. #
  • Great meeting in LA now on my way back to SFO…Any followers at LAX? #
  • Just found 2 bugs on @twitter tonight. 1) can’t tweet from Twitter.com 2) Clicking the “Follow” button mistakenly “blocks”. #
  • … and it’s back! The @twitter bugs I found were just a momentary glitch. #
  • @blekko I’d love to try your beta! #
  • @stonemirror It was on firefox, but fortunately the problem only lasted a few minutes. in reply to stonemirror #
  • I wonder if Apple will let me upgrade to Lion for free since I only purchased my new MacBook last week… http://bit.ly/dBuxqv #
  • @gavinfabiani Thanks for the #ff Gavin! in reply to gavinfabiani #
  • Thinking about buying the @Sony Nex3 (Micro four thirds digital camera). If you own one, what do you think of it vs. Nex5? #
  • @stonemirror I was at their office today, and sadly, I didn’t see any elves – Just green plastic deer and lots of twitter birds… 😉 in reply to stonemirror #
  • Give a businessman notes on paper & he’ll be prepared for a meeting. Teach a businessman how to use his iPad & he’ll be prepared for life. #
  • @JLP2k9 Thanks for the #ff John! Much appreciated. I hope it’s not raining nearly as hard in Surrey today as it is in SF! in reply to JLP2k9 #
  • @l4systems No… Just joking w/ a friend who has an iPad but prefers to carry printed copies of his meeting agendas. in reply to L4Systems #
  • Ping me if you want a free pass to iEXPO on 10/28: International Investment Forum (w/ Samsung VPs): http://www.eventbrite.com/s/1zBb #
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