Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-22

February 22, 2010 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

Here are the highlights from my Twitter stream last week:

  • – I thought Barcelona was supposed to be warmer than SF…#mwc10 #
  • – Microsoft is talking about Windows Phone 7 Series at #mwc10 I’m cautiously optimistic. #
  • Heading to the Mobile Premier Awards dinner shortly. Anyone else? #MWC10 #
  • I saw an interesting beta device at #mwc10 A ruggedized, dishwasher-safe tablet w/ ereader-like screen 4 enterprise/ field force automation #
  • – Garmin Asus has a very cool car in their booth- a classic Isetta #mwc10 #
  • – Hall 8 at lunchtime #mwc10 #
  • – Garmin Asus’ Nuvi Phone with Windows Mobile #
  • Heading to the Women in Mobile Devices lunch at #mwc10 #
  • @alextootchie Interestingly, its got to be supported by your carrier to work, though. #mwc10 in reply to alextootchie #
  • ZTE says it wants to deliver 100 million devices w/in 5 years #mwc10 #
  • VC Money for Mobile, Windows Phone 7 Series Launch & More! Highlights from Mobile World Congress so far: #MWC10 #
  • If you’ve sent me an email in the last 3 days to my socializemobilize address, please re-send. My host was apparently experiencing problems. #
  • @evansolomon yeah yeah yeah. I know. I manage my email through gmail, but I’m hosted elsewhere. Thinking I’ll change that now. in reply to evansolomon #
  • good news- looks like my email has only been down for 40 hours – less than I originally thought. sigh. #
  • – Wowza! Here’s a pic of the cheapest phone in the world by Vodafone- just $15! #
  • @mwiththeat Definitely genius! I really enjoyed seeing mpesa & those two inexpensive phones in action w/ @seat2d at #MWC10 earlier today. in reply to mwiththeat #
  • The @wipjam party is heaving! Looking forward to the jam tomorrow at 9am #mwc10 #
  • #imatwipjam The #mwc10 @wipjam just kicked off in Hall 7! #
  • Talking about #wac at #imatwipjam wholesale application community- debating if it will work #mwc10 #
  • Panelists at #imatwipjam say stickiness is most important when developing an app (opposed to spready) #
  • Great points by @flirtomark re why viral is broken in mobile. User has to pay for sms, which is key to virality. #imatwipjam #mwc10 #
  • Rapid iteration & response to customers and A/B tests is key to creating virality and stickiness in mobile #imatwipjam #mwc10 #
  • @joshuahaynes I agree. That $19 Vodafone mobile w/ fmradio, flashlight & color screen is better than many feature phones I’ve owned. #mwc10 in reply to joshuahaynes #
  • @jebbrilliant– you just missed winning something at #imatwipjam Had to be present to win. 🙁 #
  • I’m pulling into BCN after a great week at #mwc10 #
  • Wow. @jebbrilliant wasn’t kidding when he said lines at BCN were bad. I literally had to run to my gate after security. On plane now. #mwc10 #
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