Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

January 25, 2010 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

Here are a handful of my tweets from last week.  To read all of my updates, follow me: @lisawhelan on Twitter.

  • I just updated the #MWC10 Networking & Parties list with a new event: #MWC #
  • I just heard that there was a goat at the AT&T Developer Summit after party at Ghost Bar in Vegas… Seriously?! #
  • Thanks, @DanWinterbottom! Looking forward to seeing you at App Planet. The panelists you’re working on look awesome! in reply to DanWinterbottom #
  • If you’re an iphone app enthusiast, check out @chomp: for app recommendations. Good stuff! #
  • @Nguyen Very cool. I’ve always wanted a phone with Swype, but not sure I can give up QWERTY…yet. Thoughts on the Nexus One? in reply to Nguyen #
  • I never thought I’d say this, but my mac is killing me. Super slow for the last two weeks and a software update this morning took FOREVER. #
  • I just updated my Mobile World Congress Networking Events and Parties list with 2 new events: #MWC10 #in #
  • I’ll be moderating “Mobile Applications – Innovation Vs Fragmentation” at #MWC10. Ping me if you’ve got questions for the panelists:… #
  • I’ll be moderating two panels & participating in the WIPJAM at #MWC10. It’d be great to see you there: #MWC10 #in #
  • I’m waiting for @eddieizzard to start at the #oakland arena… @ twitter promos playing on the big screen. #
  • I think the 2 bottles of water I just bought at @eddieizzard show cost more than the flight I booked from Barcelona to London after #mwc10 #
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