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September 22, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Consulting, Developers, Events, Monetization, Research

I’m blogging live from DEMOfall 09 in San Diego California… I’ll also be live tweeting.  The show is about to start shortly.  Please refresh your browser regularly.

The show is starting now… First up an introduction video.

Now the intro to the conference – Chris Shipley and Matt Marshall are thanking partners and talking about the format for DEMOfall 09.  VentureBeat has launched DEMOBeat.  VentureBeat also talking about VentureBeat Profiles, which is the integration of their Profiles acquisition.

Chris Shipley says now is the best time to be starting a company and innovating.  Hewlett-Packard Co is first up to bat… They’re a DEMO veteran.

HP introducing HP SkyRoom – allows you to enjoy HD video conferencing experience and share real-time media with up to 300 colleagues across the world on your PC. Images are updated 4 times faster than the blink of an eye. $149.

  • No subscription fee.
  • On Oct 1st, HP Skyroom will be included free on HP machines.
  • Connect with up to 3 different locations.
  • Users connect through IM-like contact list.
  • This looks much like a conferencing-focused Skype-like VOIP video conferencing and document sharing tool from HP.
  • Minor demo hiccup… eventually started working
  • It will run on any Windows XP or Vista machine that meets minimum specifications.  Skyroom will be optimized on a quodcore system or better.

Next up… indoor Location Based Services: Micello.

  • Doing a comparison of Google Maps vs. Micello… Micello takes you indoors. They call it ‘Google maps inside a building’.
  • It uses Google Maps to hone in on location and then take you inside the building… malls, campuses, etc.
  • iPhone application – Allows you to search for items inside a mall… Click on any store and find out information about that store.
  • User generated crowd sourced information.
  • Using an example of the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA… Showing how users can search for shoes, music, games, etc.
  • Stores color coded so that users can see which stores are having sales, etc.
  • Each user’s experience is customized based on
  • It takes 4 hours to make an indoor map including user design. They offer a map creation tool.
  • Within a year they anticipate having 5,000 shopping malls 10,000 college campuses.
  • “Google maps are for your car, Micello maps are for people.”

Next up…Cloud computing and video monitoring with a smart architecture…Viaas: Video Intelligence.

  • Cloud based SAAS Video monitoring.
  • Installation is simple – open box, mount camera, plug it into ethernet and power connection.
  • You plug the camera in and it just connects to Viaas service.
  • Intelligent object-based motion services
  • Uses 10-20x less bandwidth than traditional video monitoring solutions
  • Real-time monitoring shows you real-time highlights…Only pays attention to motion.
  • Get a real time screen at any time
  • Forensic uses. Use recorded video to see what happened in the past
  • Everything securely recorded to Viaas’ cloud based video vault.
  • Download video
  • Annotate events to show what you’ve discovered
  • Access annotated events using tags to build evidence for an investigation.
  • $294.95 plus $24.95/month SAAS fee.

Next up…Collaboration solution, Fuze Box:

  • Mobile and social collaboration service “so easy a 5 year old can master it”
  • Works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, AIM, MS Live, etc.
  • Company owns Liberty Telecom, so telephony is integrated
  • They’re doing a demo over iPhone, which allows you to collaborate remotely… Showing a video over iphone.
  • Showed demo video of 5 year olds using Fuze Box over iphone, but it’ll work over desktop
  • Works with video, film, ppt, documents, x-rays, and more.
  • No software to download or install
  • Browser based
  • Synchronize contacts across social networks  – linked In, Gmail, AIM, Facebook, and more to make it easy for people to quickly see buddies across networks and invite them into a meeting in one click
  • Take a link from your meeting and promote ad-hoc meetings, webinars, and demos on Twitter.
  • Pricing: $29/month based on an annual subscription
  • @fuzemeeting on Twitter.
  • So far – this is the coolest/ best demo I’ve seen today.

TravelTrac, LLC is up now…Share travel information from your trip as it happens.

  • iPhone app and web based interface
  • Add GPS, photos, travel journals, etc. – Update anywhere anytime.
  • Offline mode allows you to use the app – even when you’re out of cellular coverage zone
  • Friends get email when you make changes to your profile
  • MotoTrac -for offroads
  • TrekTrac- for land based travel
  • SailTrac -for sailing, boating, and on water adventures
  • Shows your trip on maps, and updates with new position or location.
  • Share video up to 20 MB files at a time
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter.

Contact management systems up next at DEMO… Corp up first…MORE Management

  • Trying to show the site… But it looks like it’s down (or there are connectivity issues)
  • Online property management including mobile access via WAP.
  • Demo is a little hard to follow because it isn’t working.
  • Not sure why it isn’t working… Internet seems to be up for me!
  • Poor guys -didn’t get to show much of anything of their product, but Chris Shipley says it’s cool and worth looking at.

WhoDoYouKnowAt, LLC is up now…

  • “Contact Data Integrity Management”: Allows you to control who has your latest contact information…
  • Update your latest info with the people you care about, and leave the stalkers behind.
  • They’re a private application – targeting a different group than LinkedIn – like sales organizations.  This looks a bit like LinkedIn with more robust privacy ratings and something that allows you to choose how much access your colleagues / friends have to your connections.  No more awkward requests for referrals from people who don’t want to help you connect to others.
  • Integrating with Microsoft Server Software. Integrating with ERP systems.
  • Allows your trusted colleagues to see your contacts and know how close you are with specific contacts.  Give people in your address book a trust rating.
  • This guy keeps “Emiriling” with BAM, BAM, BAM! proclamations
  • This sounds interesting, but a little complicated for the average person – LinkedIn is easier.
  • Use code DEMO2009 for free gold access for 3 months if you sign up before October.

Lunchster, currently in private beta, is demoing now…

  • Simplifies and automates getting together with friends and colleagues on a regular basis for lunch
  • Facebook Connect app
  • Selected as on of top 50 Facebook Fund apps in 2009.
  • You don’t need to keep going back to  You can manage invites through Outlook or Google Calendar.  There are links embedded within the invites that make adjusting your lunch schedule easy.
  • Yelp integrated within the service
  • Doing live interactive demo
  • Just send email to your friends and cc: and it’ll do the rest… apparently.

iPhone app from Tungle is up next

  • Tungle is a “Calendar Accelerator” to eliminate scheduling pain on iPhone or (web).
  • You control what you share with who.
  • Works with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, Entourage, and soon IBM Notes.
  • See other’s calendars in your trusted networks to propose a meeting
  • Propose as many times as you like for meetings to see what works for others
  • You can also shake your iPhone, and Tungle will automatically pick times for you based on other’s availability and your own.
  • Looks like an easy to use calendaring tool – even for people who are non-Tungle users
  • User base doubling every month since April
  • Free with no advertising
  • Coming out with premium features in 2010

Rseven up next:

  • Life streaming service.  See what you’ve done on your phone and when…
  • Chronicles activity on your mobile phone.
  • Share that activity with your social networks
  • Share stats between friends that describe your mobile activity
  • There’s a mobile app and a web-based client
  • Seems clunky… Not sure why someone would want all of these features.
  • You can record all of your incoming and outgoing calls and access them later… Not sure how legal that would be in California, but interesting feature.

dotSyntax, LLC is up now. They make Digsby.

  • Digsby is an IM client, email, and social networking manager.
  • Set status on all IM and social networking accounts
  • They’re launching a new Twitter application – “designed from the ground up for a mainstream audience.”
    • Oldest tweets on top – rather than the new ones… so read conversations in order
    • Digsby tracks what you’ve read so that you don’t have to read the same things twice
    • You group least important and most important people as you see fit, so that you see most relevant conversation

Traackr demo:

  • Social media monitoring tool
  • Traackr is an online authority list that helps brands connect to the biggest influencers online
  • Which conversations do you need to be a part of, and who do you need to listen to?

Waze is up now

  • Waze is a mobile application that allows you to track traffic in real time
  • It is crowd sourced real-time traffic information
  • You can run it in passive mode to let people around you know how fast the traffic is moving on the road you’re at.
  • It’ll re-route you if the traffic is bad where you’re going
  • It’ll warn you of speed cameras, etc.
  • I met these guys at breakfast this morning. They’re a nice group.  They just released a client for Nokia E71x (AT&T). Unfortunately, I found a glitch using it on the unlocked E71 (not x), but I’ve seen it running on other handsets, and it’s pretty cool stuff.
  • You can download it to your mobile phone on
  • It learns from the way you drive. You can add new roads, etc.

Early stage start-up “Alpha” 90 second demos are up next.

  • First demo was very confusing… didn’t catch a word of it.
  • Keen Systems: “Revolutionizing Print Commerce”
    • Web-to-print: #1 opportunity for print companies
    • ecommerce is key: From order to shipping – reduces costs increases efficiencies
    • Useful for small companies of 3 people to large enterprises
    • Designed by print industry insiders
    • Just launched pilot with live, paying customers
    • Looking for funding

Next up “Sounds like Fun” consumer apps to be demoed…
First up… MyVocal Holdings:

  • All you need to know is how to press dial on your mobile phone
  • It uses voice interactivity to allow you to manage and listen to your playlist.
  • For example – dial the number for MyVocal Holdings, say “CNN” and get “CNN News” read to you
  • It makes it easy to get your favorite periodicals converted to speech and read through your mobile phone

TuneWiki just took the stage…

  • Social media music player – combines legally licensed music and lyrics with maps and social features
  • Debuting social media player using Nokia X6 phone
  • Announcing full support for all Nokia Operating Systems including Series 40
  • TuneWiki Lyric Search is available for all Nokia Symbian Series 60 phones
  • Get lyrics and translate them into your language.

RadioWeave is being demoed on iPhone…

  • Use case – in car driving
  • Mixes internet radio, traditional radio, and social media
  • RadioWeave Pipes – You know the real size of your audience… Get more users and target ads and content to them.
  • Create a micro channel for any topic.

Next company combines real tangible cards with online aspects: enthusem

  • Send friends, family, partners, or clients printed greeting cards from the web.
  • Printed greeting cards extended with online content for under $3
  • Easy to use interface: Select name of someone from your address book, pick a picture for the card, upload or add content and click send – done.
  • They’ve got an API that makes it easy for any web-based application to send printed cards.
  • They’ve got an iPhone application that will allow anyone to send an enthusem card from their iphone
  • Looks a lot like Touchnote but with more robust functionality and an open API.

Twirl TV takes the stage

  • Hulu competitor
  • Online TV -growing at a huge rate.
  • For the YouTube generation, it’s growing at 85%
  • Twirl TV beta is Social TV
  • Watch TV on the web… get recommendations customized for you of things to watch
  • It’s a TV experience online… Browse shows and continue to watch TV in a live video in the corner
  • see which of your friends has watched or not watched a show and share that info
  • see what your friends like to watch…
  • Linked with Facebook.
  • There’s a what’s hot tab that allows your friends to recommend shows to you.
  • 3 core values: choice, camaraderie and convenience.

Emo Labs is kicking of their demo:

  • Solving the problem with wires and big boxy speakers
  • Imagine an invisible speaker with real stereo
  • Invisible speaker systems embedded in TVs, Monitors, even picture frames
  • Zero footprint design means it disappears when embedded into TVs
  • Makes sound better on flat panel TVs, etc.
  • Size and placement matter – mini speakers that are hidden don’t work.
  • They’ve developed new speaker technology that delivers sound in a new way.
  • Microflexing membrane generates sound waves that mean better sound
  • Looks like a thin, invisible plexi glass picture frame.
  • It really sounds good!

HandEye Technologies, Inc.

  • Making interactive TV happen with your mobile phone
  • Use your mobile phone to interact with content you’re watching
  • Watching a mobile commerce platform in action
  • mobile couponing
  • search, enter contests, and interact with social networks

Now, there’s the DEMO Judges Recap… I’m taking a break…

The DEMO Pavilion is open, followed by lunch. I’ll be back at 2pm Pacific.
It’s 2:05pm Pacific, and I’m back… The afternoon session is running a little late. I’ll be live blogging as soon as it starts.

90 second alpha pitches starting now…

Pinyadda up first:

  • Saving you from information overload…
  • Commit Pinfidelity


  • Turns any mobile phone into a personal healthcare device
  • is a suite of mobile applications that lets doctors and patients
  • iPhone and Android

And now, Safe and Sound… Security products

First up, Armorize Technologies, Inc.

  • Malware Driveby download is their solution
  • Just by browsing a legitimate website, your information could be vulnerable
  • This solution targets corporate websites
  • Hack Alert is a 24/7 malware monitoring service. It monitors and prevents driveby downloads for major websites by notifying you if someone hacks your website.
  • It shows you the exact lines of code that hackers have inserted into your website and lets you triage them.

Webroot is up now…

Intelius is up now with DateCheck mobile demo… This is hilarious.

  • iPhone app
  • Lets you screen your date – do a criminal check and more – just with a phone number.
  • Loving the “sleaze detector”
  • See if he lives in his own home or in a trailer
  • Does he have a wife? Does he live with his parents.
  • This app searches social networks to produce a summary of your prospective checks
  • “Records don’t lie, but people do.”… “Look up before you hook-up.”

I’m still laughing at that one… but now, onto more serious topics

EthicsEd made by MicroAssist, Inc.:

  • This product trains teachers and coaches to ensure they know what acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior is to ensure that they’re not accused of sexual harassment.
  • It’s cheap – $8
  • To get continuing education credit, they need to take a test afterward.’

90 second alpha pitches are up next…

Cardagin Networks talking about their demo.

  • Loyalty marketing for local business
  • Local loyalty digitized
  • They charge business a monthly fee to digitize and advertise
  • They charge consumers not to track their status

Gelato Dating

  • Stream dating
  • Gelato is changing the way people think about dating… To something more authentic, real, dynamic
  • Launching today at demo
  • See what’s in someone’s life stream and decide whether you want to date them… Go beyond conventional online dating.

Smart money is the next topic…

First demo focuses on smart money so that any organization can issue their own credit cards for their customers that address their consumer’s needs.  Freeddom:

  • Without any change to your phone, merchants can turn SIM cards in phones into credit cards… They no longer need to rely on Visa or Mastercard
  • All transactions PIN authorized on user’s mobile phone
  • Clever solution – looks interesting…

MoLo  Rewards

  • Mobile couponing
  • Utilizes NFC phones
  • MoLo Rewards RFID tag sticks on the back of your phone. You can tap it on places that track the tags
  • MoLo Rewards automatically sends all coupons relevant to your location and purchases to you on your phone
  • Earn points to earn more MoLo Rewards incentives
  • This product has lots of dependencies… Companies that will put RFID tags on products and use MoLo’s product, etc.  I don’t see this as being particularly useful or relevant unless a TON of companies sign on.

Point of Wealth Systems is up now…

  • Point of Wealth Register “POWR kiosk” is like an ATM for the workplace.
  • Allows users tipped workers to move their cash tips to/from their different bank accounts – IRA, Savings, and Checking without leaving the workplace and without having to go to the bank.

Taking a bit of a break… I missed 3 presos…

Up next… Local Dirt.

  • Farming is an inefficient market place based on word of mouth and pen and paper
  • Local Dirt is a buyers and sellers marketplace that allows you to find local food vendors
  • Cool idea.

TotalTrainer is up now…

  • Offers training and dietary information that gyms will offer clients
  • Allows gyms to better serve their clientele
  • New integrated fitness approach
  • Like getting a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost
  • Revenue share model with gyms + a small set-up fee

Sorry – missed another company… is up now.

  • Find, sell or share datasets online

Now, there’s the DEMO Judges Recap…

  • With Mobile Payments, different payment systems for different countries are a real issue. Plus, anytime you deal with carrier billing systems, there are big challenges
  • Mobile money market has been notoriously difficult to tackle… No matter how clear your product is, if you can only use it for one product in one town, there’s an issue. You need wide distribution.
  • Betting on RFID adoption is a big bet.  Getting distribution is challenging.
  • Sleaze Detector feature of Date Check has been the prime source of everyone’s amusement all afternoon.

Next up enterprise demos…


  • SAP is doing a demo of their monitoring tool.. interacts with Twitter to see the status of the tools’ workers are using in the field
  • Their demo is having issues, and it’s a confusing demo.
  • It allows you to control mechanical tools (i.e. saws, etc.) in the field through SAP.


There’s now a Microsoft demo going on of image recognition tags “Microsoft Tags” that can be scanned with a mobile phone camera to deliver more information about an ad to a user’s mobile.  Looks very similar to technologies that already exist.  Why do we need more of the same from Microsoft?  Apparently, because it works.  Ford Car Marketing Communications guy Lew Echlin is now up – talking about why Microsoft Tagging technology is helpful to them. They’re re-launching the Ford Taurus. With Microsoft Tags, they’re seeing 90% engagement. They’ve doubled the number of people that think that the Ford Taurus is for them.

That’s it for today… More tomorrow.

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