75 Great Mobile Twitterers (#FollowFriday)

May 29, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile

It’s Friday, and that means it’s “Follow Friday” on Twitter (users recommend the twitterers they find interesting). I haven’t participated much in Follow Friday in the past- not because I don’t follow great people – just the opposite. I follow so many interesting people that I can’t fit them all into a single tweet.  I’m currently following 535 people, and I either know them or want to know them because I think they’ve said something interesting.  In honor of Follow Friday, I thought I’d share some of the most interesting and prolific “tweeps” I follow that tweet regularly on mobile topics. 

If I’ve left you out, I apologize… I’m sure you’re incredibly interesting, and it must have been an oversight… Or, it’s because you’re in mobile but you don’t tweet much about it… Or you keep a low profile on Twitter.  Please add to my list by posting a comment.

  • Craig Dalton one1speed: Craig Dalton is a mobile Business Development guy… He tweets about life mostly but also has interesting insights into mobile.
  • Andrew_grill_midres_normal andrewgrill: Andrew and I met at Mobile World Congress this year. He’s a mobile advertising evangelist based in London, and he consults with mobile advertising start-ups.
  • Andrew J Scott andrewjscott: CEO of London-based mobile start-up Rummble and mobile guru.
  • Andrew Shuttleworth ashuttleworth: Web, tech, mobile and social media enthusiast in Japan
  • Alexey Volovoy avolovoy: Android developer that tweets about the latest in mobile
  • Boy Genius boygenius: Twitter account behind the man, the myth, the legend – Boy Genius, author of the infamous Boy Genius Report… Where so many good mobile stories turn up before they’re official.
  • Brian Smith BRIAN_____: Brian Smith: Mobile app & website developer. UI designer. Offers useful development hints.
  • Chanse Arrington chansearrington: Chance tweets great stuff on the mobile industry – mostly Nokia.
  • Todd Smith Cisco_Mobile: Todd Smith talks about what’s new with Cisco from a mobile perspective.
  • Jason Black contentqb: Jason Black, the Editorial Services Manager at Forum Nokia.
  • Dan Lane DanLane: Great mobile tweets.  Founder of Howler Technologies and producer of The Really Mobile Project
  • DanWinterbottom DanWinterbottom: Manages the agenda for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Tweets about mobile stuff and life in general.
  • Dave Jorgensen davidejorgensen: Dave is a former colleague from ShoZu… He always has interesting thoughts about the practical applications of mobile.  He specializes in the quality and usability of mobile products.
  • David Marcus davidmarcus:David is the founder and CEO of Zong (mobile payments). He tweets about all sorts of things including mobile.
  • Austin Teames devdroid: Austin Teames tweets about what’s new and interesting with Android.
  • Mike Macias e71fanatics: Great info if you own a Nokia e71.
  • Terence Eden edent: Terence Edent works for Vodafone… This is his personal twitter blog, and it’s all about mobile and other technology.
  • Engadget engadget: The latest tech gossip and news… Lots of mobile.
  • Ewan Ew4n: Ewan MacLeod – editor of Mobile Industry Review, MobileDeveloper.TV.  For MIR updates, you can also follow @MIReview
  • Richard Hyndman geekyouup: Head of Dev for Mippin and deep into Android development.
  • Larry Wallace glwallace: Larry Wallace is a mobile enthusiast and entrepreneur.  He was previously a VP at Motricity.
  • Greg Kumparak GregKumparak: Editor of MobileCrunch.com (@mobilecrunch)
  • Harald_neidhardt_smaato_normalhneidhardt: Harald Neidhart is the co-founder and CMO of Smaato (mobile advertising co). Tweeter with passion for mobile: advertising & innovation
  • IntoMobile IntoMobile: Mobile Phone News, Information and Analysis
  • jamescameron jamescameron: mobile researcher, events organiser, analyst and blogger
  • Jeb Brilliant jebbrilliant: Owner of BrilliantExpos. Talks about social media, mobile and events.
  • Steve Reynolds jedifireblade: Steve Reynolds is a “Mobile Data expert, CEO of TBS Enterprise Mobility, Chairman of the Mobile Data Association”
  • Joshua Topolsky joshuatopolsky: Editor and Chief at Engadget… A great source of mobile news before (and after) it’s official.
  • Katie Boehret kabster728: Wall Street Journal Tech reporter… Tweets across tech- not just mobile.
  • Lars Kamp lars_kamp: Executive at Accenture, 8 years of experience in the digital media industry. Organizer of #sfmobile (SF Mobile Meet-up).
  • LimC LimC: Google New Business Development (Android, OpenSocial, Developers Relations)
  • m@ mwiththeat
  • Marek Pawlowski marekpawlowski: Mobile analyst, conference producer and user experience strategist
  • Marty Keene martyk: Marty Keene tweets about mobile and social media
  • matt singley mattsingley: Useful tweets on and insight into mobile trends/technology
  • Mike Butcher mikebutcher: TechCrunch editor in Europe. Not mobile-specific but his mobile tweets are usually ahead of the pack (ala MobileCrunch news)
  • mob4hire mob4hire: Worldwide crowd sourced mobile application testing …and early stage marketing feedback. Winner of 2009 Red Herring Top 100 Companies for North America.
  • SERKOART® mobile_divide: Serko tweets about all things mobile and kindly helped me out with a ton of great stuff for my Nokia E71.
  • MobileCrunch MobileCrunch: The latest mobile news.
  • Caroline Lewko mobilejam: Caroline Lewko has been making life easier for mobile developers for years with WIP and WIP Jam.
  • Eric Chan mobileslate: Eric Chan tweets about all things mobile and writes the MobileSlate blog.
  • MOTODEV motodev: MOTODEV, Motorola’s Developer Relations group. You can also follow Randy Ksar djksar (Randy Ksar) who often tweets on behalf of MOTODEV @motodev but also says interesting things about mobile on his own tweet stream.
  • Rudy_mtrends_150x150_bigger_normal mtrends: Rudy De Waele is a mobile 2.0 guru, keynote speaker, and founder MobileMonday Barcelona + Madrid, Mobile 2.0 Europe, Mobile Peer Awards, Mobile Sunday + MobileJam… It seemed like if there was a party at Mobile World Congress 2009, Rudy was throwing it (or there).
  • nokiamessaging nokiamessaging: Tweets from the Nokia Messaging team with hints and tips about how to use Nokia Messaging more effectively.
  • Norm Liang normanliang: Norm is a mobile enthusiast and has worked in Business Development at Photobucket, Nokia, and IBM.
  • Om Malik om: Om Malik is Founder of GigaOM and a Venture Partner at True Ventures
  • Mobile News OnlyMobileNews: Aggregated news about mobile from across the web.
  • OVI Applications Oviapplications: Tweets dedicated to Ovi Store app reviews (not affiliated with Nokia but interesting stuff)
  • palm palm: The official tweet stream for Palm, Inc.
  • Palm Goon PalmGoon: Tweets about the latest news about Palm, Inc.
  • Pat patphelan: Founder of Maxroam and Twitterfone.
  • PingMobile PingMobile: The latest news on mobile marketing
  • Noah Kravitz Phonedog_Noah: Noah Kravits tweets on all sorts of mobile topics and blogs here.
  • Prashant Agarwal prash: Building @Fjord in NYC.  Smart mobile guy. Tweets about a combo of mobile and life.
  • Ricky Cadden rcadden: Ricky Cadden tweets about mobile, technology and life
  • ricferraro ricferraro: Marketing guy formerly with the GSMA… Often includes good tweets on mobile topics.
  • Mark Ruddock RuddockMH: CEO of Viigo (mobile app)
  • SF Mobile Jobs sfmobilejobs: If you’re interested in mobile positions in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is a great tweet stream
  • seat2d seat2d: Vodafone Exec tweets about mobile and life.
  • Sloan Bowman sloanb: Sloan Bowman is a java programmer. Tweets about mobile and other technology.
  • Stephane Delbecque sdelbecque: I met Stephane Delbecque through SixApart and Twitter. He’s a self described “mobile guy. Geek. Gamer.”
  • Sutha Kamal SuthaKamal: Mobile enthusiast and all around fascinating guy.
  • Michael Arrington TechCrunch: Often tweets about interesting mobile start-up news.
  • Helen Keegan technokitten: Helen Keegan is a mobile marketing and media guru based in London.  Party host extrordinaire at Mobile World Congress 2009.
  • Img_1099_bw_normal tellabs_mobile: Maggie, the Senior Online Comm. Mgr for Tellabs tweets about mobile trends.
  • TextingForward.com textingforward: Founder and CEO for TextingForward.com. Usually has great tweets about the latest wireless news.
  • VisionMobile visionmobile:A market analysis and strategic advisory firm offering research reports, industry maps, workshops and advisory services.  You can also follow Andreas Constantinou andreascon who works there.
  • Walt Mossberg waltmossberg: Tech Columnist for the Wall Street Journal and mobile gadget guru.
  • James Whatley Whatleydude: James Whatley is the social media guy at SpinVox.  He’s also done a lot of interesting videos, etc. on mobile. You can see his blog here.
  • Windows Mobile® windowsmobile: Windows Mobile team.
  • WhatWomenWantMobile womenmobile: Helping mobile industry develop devices and services which appeal to the ‘other 50%’ of the market. Organised by @technokitten, @claireboo and @mdbraber
  • WM Dev Team wmdev: Windows Mobile Developer relations team… Ask them your windows mobile questions.
  • wirelessbuzz wirelessbuzz
  • Wireless Week WirelessWeek
  • Twitter-profile-pic-bw_normal lisawhelan: I know, I know… I probably shouldn’t have added myself to this list, but I needed 75 to hit the number I promised in the title.  😉
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