Spotted: Interesting Mobile Accessories at CTIA 2009

April 1, 2009 by Lisa Oshima | Uncategorized

I spotted the following interesting mobile accessories/gadgets on the CTIA show floor today as I wandered between meetings…

Infinite Solar Charger

Infinite Solar Charger

First was the Infinitie Solar/AC Universal Battery Charger at the Xentris Wireless booth.  It allows you to charge your mobile phone, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, GPS, or iPod on the go using solar power…It provides up to 10 hours of extra power, though no one in the booth seemed to know how long it takes into fully charge using sun power.  MSRP $79 (though you can get it at BestBuy online for $69.99).

Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger

Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger

The second gadget was also at Xentris.  Its’ the Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger by Medis.  It’s apparently the “world’s first personal, portable, fuel cell power system for smartphones.”  Basically, it’s like a one time use battery for your mobile phone that will never go dead, no matter how long it sits in your car, garage, etc. When you activate it, it provides up to 20 watt-hours of energy for charging your mobile phone.  Not something I can see myself needing, but it could be something to throw in the earthquake kit (assuming, of course, that the mobile towers still will work after an earthquake but the power in your house won’t…er…)

Personal Display Glasses from Mobintech

Personal Display Glasses from Mobintech

Lastly, I tried out the Personal Display Glasses from Mobintech.  These glasses contain a screen inside that apparently uses less power than your mobile phone screen. So, you can hook up the glasses (via a cord) to your mobile, and watch video on what looks like a video.  It’s an interesting  concept, though I did feel a bit too much like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. And, I think the viewing would take a bit of getting used to… I kept unintentionally crossing my eyes (I have the same problem with binoculars, and I still haven’t quite figured out why).

The guys in the booth told me that I was seeing the equivalent of a 30 inch screen from my mobile phone, and while this may be true, the image quality wasn’t spectacular.  Then again, image quality on a 3 inch mobile screen isn’t spectacular either.  The glasses did seem better than c on the screen.  I suppose if you’re spending a lot of time watching video from your phone the Personal Display Glasses could fill a void.  And, as an added bonus they come in red, black and cream.

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