Mobile Social Media Going Strong and Growing

December 22, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media

There’s a great article out on summarizing two reports recently published on mobile social media.  It’s well worth reading. Unsurprisingly, the US is behind Europe when it comes to social media on phones, and teens and University-aged students are the most active users. ABI Research reports that the audience for social media on mobiles is approaching 50 million members worldwide and is expected to reach 174 million in 2011.

Another interesting article on lists Social Media as one of the top 10 trends driving Traffic and Sales in 2007.

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  • Lisa,

    Not sure about the US market, you say it behinds the European, but I think both are much behind the Asian market, mainly Korea and Japan.

    I am not an expert for the Japanese market, I heard they are more hooked to the actual community services using mobile, and even purchasing using the device. However I visit Korea a lot for work, and over there its phenomenon including the actual watching TV on mobile.

    I am new to VOX, so found your posting only today, I enjoyed reading and am very interested in mobile and and also social networks, and it all fit together in my mind.




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