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October 29, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media

A colleague at Forum Nokia recently introduced me to a great mobile search product called “Boopsie.”  Until now, I’ve used Google search on my Windows Mobile phone to find the things I’m looking for.  Last week, I started using Boopsie, and I plan to continue.

Google searching on my mobile is still great for doing local searches, settling pub quiz debates, etc., but Boopsie is great for helping me find mobile content that I wouldn’t necessarily search for.  From social networking (Facebook, Plaxo,  Yelp,  Wikipedia), to google services (gmail, calendar, etc.), to store finders (Starbucks, Jamba Juice, CitySearch), to news and entertainment (Major League Baseball, eHowto, Fandango, etc.).  Boopsie aggregates channels of mobile content (including those outlined above) and makes them easy to find.  Think of it as a catalog for mobile content.   A native Boopsie application is available for download to your Windows Mobile, PalmOS, or Blackberry mobile phone by clicking here on your mobile browser.

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  • Boopsie makes my life so much easier. Being a new Blackberry owner, I love how simple it makes my searches. Definitely download this great application!

  • [this is good]
    Looking forward to trying this on my BB. That said, users should point their mobile device's browser here:

    Instead. The Boopsie download page linked in the post does not render well on the BB browser.



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