BlogRovr, BlogRover Send My Favorite Bloggers Right Over!

March 27, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media

The folks at Activeweave (makers of Stickis, which I’ve written about before), have just introduced a great new website and plug-in called BlogRovr.  BlogRovr is a great little tool aimed at blog enthusiasts.  It allows you to see whatever your favorite bloggers have written about anywhere on-line.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit and sign-up for an account
  2. Enter the URLs of your favorite blogs
  3. Anytime your favorite blogger mentions something about a site you’re visiting, BlogRovr will deliver the related blog content to you via a Sticki.
  • The note is unobtrusive – a small icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window.
  • You can expand the button into a web overlay by clicking it.  Similarly, you can close it just like any other window.
  • You can turn BlogRovr on or off any time.
  • No spyware, etc. in the app.

Not only does BlogRovr keep you in touch with what your favorite bloggers are thinking about what you’re looking at, it also presents a great opportunity to learn what products/services/websites those on your blogroll are writing about.  This is especially useful tool for:

  • Researching new product/service providers
  • Doing market research/ getting to know a new industry or topic
  • Investigating what bloggers are saying about you and your competitors
  • Etc.

Give it BogRovr a try and post a comment with your thoughts.

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  • Hey Lisa,
    thanks for checking BlogRovr out! We did sweat the details with this new service, trying to make sure the initial experience would be excessively simple: sign up, give us the list of your favorite blogs, and download the plug-in: voila! I'm glad to see that your first impressions are on the positive side. We're finding that most of the users who've tried the service in the last few days are echoing your opinion: simple and useful, blogrovr aims to do one thing, and does it well. I take it as a compliment, because making things simple is, well, difficult. Of course, BlogRovr only exposes a subset of the functionality Stickis offers, that's the whole point: once people feel like going beyond reading blogs, and contributing to the conversation with their own postings, familiarity with Rovr should make it very straightforward to pick up the annotation side of things.
    Keep sending feedback!

  • [this is good]
    Very interesting. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing this.



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