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December 4, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Review, Social Media

There are plenty of sites out there offering expert advice and answering your questions.  One of the most interesting of these sites is the Yedda beta.  Yedda connects “people looking for knowledge with people who have the knowledge.” The site varies from other question/answer sites (like and Yahoo! Answers) sites in several ways:

  • It is personalized…You plug in the topics/ tags that are of interest to you, and Yedda generates questions and answers from its community of users
  • The program is smart… It links you to related questions/answers in other categories that are related to your areas of interest. It is self evolving.  Yedda adapts itself to the people using it. New topics and associations between topics are dynamically generated by the wider community.
  • It is free!
  • If you ask a question, you (and others) can rate all of the answers, so that the most relevant and thorough answers rise to the top of the pile
  • It is exceptionally easy to use

Yedda is an Israeli-based start-up, and its no surprise that a significant number of the users are from Israel. However, there appears to be a growing international user base as well.  The number of questions/answers in my areas of interest were limited (around 60 questions in total in the area of social media, social networking, web 2.0, mobile 2.0, etc.), but they were articulate and relevant questions/ answers.  For example:

  • “What is the best smartphone on the market?” (Viewed 103 times, 3 Answers)
  • “What does web 2.0 mean to you?” (Viewed 143 times, 1 answer)
  • “How do you see the future of Web 2.0?” (Viewed 217 times, 3 answers)

This site has a lot of potential, and I’d like to see the user base grow to a critical mass.  Check it out and let me know what you think by posting a comment.

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  • [this is good]
    Hi Lisa, glad you like Yedda! You've certainly grasped very quickly and accurately what Yedda is about. I'm looking forward to reading more wonderful answers from you…

    BTW, I noticed that you didn't add a link to your VOX blog on your Yedda profile – you can do it here. Also, you may want to add your Yedda profile to your blog, you can grab the My Yedda Profile blog widget from

  • Thanks for your comment (and for marking “this is good”), Yaniv. I've added a link to my VOX blog on my Yedda profile. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the blog widget… I don't think VOX supports that yet because when I pasted the link into my blog, it didn't turn up as a button when I published.

  • Lisa, unfortunately you are right, there is currently no way to add the Yedda widget to VOX.

    The Yedda widgets are now available in the TypePad widgets gallery (, but even though TypePad is also from SixApart, the widgets in the gallery cannot yet be added to VOX.

    Perhaps the best would be to contact the VOX folks and ask them about it…



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