Social Media & Web 2.0 Trend Analysis & 2 interesting sites

November 20, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Research, Social Media

There is a great article posted on Seeking Alpha, which talks about what’s hot and what’s not in Web 2.0.  Using data from Alexa, the article charts trends with Web 2.0 – including social media/ social networking.  Check it out – particularly the graphs detailing the current leadership stats and future estimates.

On a different note, I came across a couple of social media/ web 2.0 sites recently, which are interesting:

  • Kaboodle allows you to make pages displaying lists of your favorite products online and share/compare those lists with your friends.  Users can insert a button in their browser’s tool bar, which allows them to capture data on any items they like, while they’re on a website. Users can then take votes on who agrees with their favorite products, etc. Why is this useful?  As Kaboodle points out, the service helps users:

    • “Plan a vacation
    • Create a wishlist and share it with friends
    • Organize holiday or birthday shopping lists
    • Research LCD and plasma TVs
    • Share research for a school or work project
    • Show off your collection of vintage cars
    • Share your favorite bands with friends
    • Keep an list of movies you want to see
    • Organize your home remodel
    • Share your favorite restaurants with friends
    • Create a baby or wedding registry
    • Plan a wedding, party or other big event”

  • Buxfer (short for “bucks” and “transfer”) would have been useful in high school/college and back in the day when I shared a house…  Three Carnegie Mellon University graduate students developed this site, which helps friends keep track of shared debts – think about all of those shared expenses like electricity/gas/water/cable/ISP/etc bills.  They don’t have a facility for online debt settlement (ala Paypal), but its an interesting way of keeping track of debts without nagging and awkward face time or those annoying notes on the fridge!

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  • Interesting article, though I'm not sure that I quite follow the extrapolations about the reach of various sites. It strikes me that it is based on some overly simplistic assumptions. Nevertheless, the information overall was quite interesting.



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