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Talking Social Media at the Girl Geek Dinner in London

October 12, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Developers
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I just got back from a 2 week work + vacation trip to London.  On the night I arrived (Sept 26), I was invited to a London Girl Geek Dinner in London sponsored by Astraware, a company I worked closely with while I was a consultant at Palm.  The Girl Geek Dinners are increasing in […]

How Facebook Got a Whole Lot Cooler

July 30, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Developers, Enterprise, Social Media
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Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed an unusually large increase in the number of my friends and former colleagues based in the UK that are joining Facebook.  The recent surge in popularity of Facebook among my UK friends has me wondering: What lit a fire under so many people in non-overlapping networks to […]

Google to Launch a Phone?! Here’s Hoping it’s Fully Loaded with Social Features!

March 7, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Review, Social Media
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Polaris Venture Partners general partner Simeon Simeonov is the latest to suggest that Google is working on a mobile Phone. In his blog, Simeonov divulges that Andy Rubin (who founded Danger and later, Asteroid, which was ultimately sold to Google) is working with a team of about 100 people on a Google phone.   He also […]

Palm’s Treo 750: A Review & Software Recommendations

January 9, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Developers, Mobile, Review
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I know, I know, this blog is meant to be about social media and social networking, but I couldn’t resist writing about another piece of new technology that I know well – the Treo 750, one of the newest GSM Windows Mobile phones on the market.  On January 5th, Palm, Inc. announced the launch of […]

Roundup of Exciting Social Media / Social Networking News

December 13, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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The World is abuzz today with all sorts of interesting news relevant to social media/ social networking.  Here are some teasers with links to keep you occupied with plenty of great reading: MySpace is apparently the biggest site on the internet in terms of the number of page views.  Fox Interactive (largely MySpace) surpassed Yahoo, […]

Social Networking and The Birth of S-Commerce: A Marketer’s Dream Come True

December 1, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Monetization, Social Media
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An interesting new report from Hitwise says that one in twenty web visits is now to the top social media websites.  In a recently published report entitled, “S-Commerce: Beyond MySpace and YouTube.  A new approach for brands to participate in social networking,” Boston based on-line market research firm, Compete Inc., says: More than two–thirds of […]

Mobile Operators / OEMs & Social Networking: Release the Hounds!

November 28, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Mobile, Social Media
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Companies are currently using social media and social networking sites as a platform for evangelizing their own products and/or improving their image.  Even more interesting, is the way that companies (particularly mobile operators and OEMs) are thinking about how social media/social networking can: Make their products/services more attractive and usable to customers Increase customer numbers/ […]



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