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Six Apart: Why Can’t Non-Voxers Post Comments? (and other feature ideas)

January 2, 2007 by Lisa Oshima | Review, Social Media
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Today, I got a very nice email from the Marketing Manager at Indeed.com.  She wanted to provide clarification on a few of the comments that appear regarding my December 30th posting about job trends in social media.  However, as a non Voxer, she couldn’t provide comments. She says she tried to enroll for Vox, but […]

Jobs in Social Media and Web 2.0 on the Rise!

December 30, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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When I’m curious about what particular companies are up to/ the strategic direction they’re heading, I often look on their careers web pages and scroll through the open vacancies.  It is hard for companies (especially those in high-tech) to find what they’re looking for in candidates without getting specific about the specific skills they’re after. […]

Impact of the ‘Washingtonienne’ case on Social Media.

December 26, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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It’s been a slow news week in the world of social media and social networking – what, with the holidays, people are spending time with real life friends and family, rather than at work or with their on-line network.  But, there is one social media/ social networking story that is still making headlines and drawing […]

Social Media Optimization (SMO): Rules to Live By

December 18, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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For those of you interested in using Social Media as a way to communicate to your customers, partners, etc., I recommend reading the following blog post by Rohit Bhargava, VP of Interactive Marketing for Ogilvy Public Relations.  Back in August, Rohit started an interesting conversation about Social Media Optimization (SMO), summarizing a series of rules […]

Gartner’s latest predictions about the Blogosphere

December 16, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Research, Social Media
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It’s been a busy couple of days, which have left little time for research and blogging, but I will be back full force next week.  In the meantime, here’s some interesting reading. Gartner’s latest study predicts the future of the blogosphere.

Roundup of Exciting Social Media / Social Networking News

December 13, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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The World is abuzz today with all sorts of interesting news relevant to social media/ social networking.  Here are some teasers with links to keep you occupied with plenty of great reading: MySpace is apparently the biggest site on the internet in terms of the number of page views.  Fox Interactive (largely MySpace) surpassed Yahoo, […]

Introducing Stickis: Interact with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere on the Internet

December 6, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Review, Social Media
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Last week, San Francisco-based start-up Activeweave launched an exciting new product called Stickis.  At first glance, Stickis looks like any other web overlay and annotation tool (i.e. Google Notebook, Trailfire, Fleck, Diigo, etc.), but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that Stickis does more.  If it reaches critical mass, Stickis could revolutionize the way […]

Sifting Through the Garbage: Social Media Search Tools

November 22, 2006 by Lisa Oshima | Social Media
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With the volume of information available on social media sites increasing rapidly, the need for effective search tools is greater than ever before.  Users need ways to sift through the “garbage” on the Internet to find information that is relevant to their search – both on topic and in the desired format. Search engines are […]



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